Zen Dojo Zürich


If your mind does not dwell on anything, then the true mind appears.

Diamond Sutra

In exactly the same way as the right breathing can only emerge from the right posture the right attitude of mind naturally arises from the deep concentration on the physical posture and the breathing. Images, thoughts, mental structures bubbling up from the unconscious pass by during Zazen, just like the shadows in front of a mirror. They naturally vanish. If we do not entertain our personal thoughts, Hishiryo consciousness appears beyond thinking. This state is not like the colour of a certain state of mind, but the return to its original state. Without trying to reach the truth or to cut the illusions, universal consciousness manifests itself in a natural way. Though the practice of Zazen we can understand that all thoughts are nothing but empty forms, which come and go, void of any real substance. In this way we experience that there is an intuitive, original consciousness, radically different from the “I”’s everyday consciousness we are used to. If we keep up the right posture and practice a deep and calm breathing, Life’s reality can be sensed. The reality that penetrates the whole universe.

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