Zen Dojo Zürich

In order to practice Zazen, one sits on a cushion called Zafu, with legs crossed in the full or half lotus position. The pelvis is tilted forward so that the knees press against the floor. Resting on this stable basis, the spine straightens up and we press against the sky with the highest point of the cranium. The chin is pulled back, the head is straight, the shoulders relaxed. The glance goes down. The tip of the tongue rests comfortably in front on the palate. The left hand rests in the right hand, the palms face upwards. The tips of the thumbs gently touch, and they are horizontal. Both hands rest on the thighs and the sides of the hands are in touch with the lower abdomen. In this way, the optimal circumstances for total immovability are created. One sits in this posture and concentrates on the breathing. Every detail of the posture has a deep meaning. The body parts are depending on each other and influence each other mutually. Thanks to the great stability of the posture it is possible to stay in it for a long time without moving, and to let oneself be penetrated by the Cosmic Life.

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