Zen Dojo Zürich


While you are in the Dojo with your spiritual friends to practice the great and valuable Zazen, you must not forget this grace. It is more important than all worldly bonds, which are not eternal.

Taisen Deshimaru

The Sangha is the community of all practitioners. It is one of the aspects of what is called the three treasures in Zen, and without which an authentic practice is finally impossible. All beings are in mutual co-dependency with their surroundings. Within the Sangha this influence is beneficial for all practitioners. True spiritual companions and support on the path are treasures that the community offers. Hence it is important to harmonise with the others in the Dojo, to be like milk and honey that totally blend together. While we are practicing together the Sangha becomes a mirror of our true individuality. Penetrated by the spirit of Zazen it allows us to experience the true freedom beyond our personal egoism, to be in harmony with our surroundings, without entanglements.

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