Zen Dojo Zürich


The wide, infinite sky is not disturbed by the coming and going of the white clouds.


Sesshin literally means „to touch the true mind“, to become intimately acquainted with oneself, with one’s own body and mind.

Since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, Sesshins have been and remain the heart of Zen practice. A Sesshin is a time of intense practice, dedicated to Zazen. It means to give up one’s egoism, the illusion of separation, and to go over into a state of harmony with all other human beings, with nature, with the Cosmic Order. During a Sesshin, which variably lasts for one to several days, every action is the perpetual continuation of Zazen, all actions are enlivened by the Spirit of the practice. Zazen, the times of work, the meals, even sleep all become Dokan, the ring of the path, without beginning, without end. The Sesshin thus becomes a fundament for the realisation of the practice in daily life. If we concentrate on one point after the other our life becomes a harmonious line. Zen consists in living in the perfect presence of being. It is the experience of eternity in the present moment.

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